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每个 Flow 项目都包含一个 .flowconfig 文件。你可以通过修改 .flowconfig 来配置 Flow。新项目或者开始使用 Flow 的项目可以通过运行 flow init 生成默认的 .flowconfig

¥Every Flow project contains a .flowconfig file. You can configure Flow by modifying .flowconfig. New projects or projects that are starting to use Flow can generate a default .flowconfig by running flow init.

.flowconfig 格式

¥.flowconfig format

.flowconfig 使用类似于 INI 文件的自定义格式。

¥The .flowconfig uses a custom format that vaguely resembles INI files.

.flowconfig 由不同的部分组成:

¥The .flowconfig consists of different sections:



以零个或多个空格开头,后跟 #;💩 的行将被忽略。例如:

¥Lines beginning with zero or more spaces followed by an # or ; or 💩 are ignored. For example:

# This is a comment
# This is a comment
; This is a comment
; This is a comment
💩 This is a comment
💩 This is a comment

.flowconfig 放在哪里

¥Where to put the .flowconfig

.flowconfig 的位置很重要。Flow 将包含 .flowconfig 的目录视为项目根目录。默认情况下,Flow 包含项目根目录下的所有源代码。[包括]部分 中的路径是相对于项目根目录的。其他一些配置还允许你通过宏 <PROJECT_ROOT> 引用项目根目录。

¥The location of the .flowconfig is significant. Flow treats the directory that contains the .flowconfig as the project root. By default Flow includes all the source code under the project root. The paths in the [include] section are relative to the project root. Some other configuration also lets you reference the project root via the macro <PROJECT_ROOT>.

大多数人将 .flowconfig 放在项目的根目录中(即 package.json 旁边)。有些人将所有代码放在 src/ 目录中,因此将 .flowconfig 放在 src/.flowconfig 目录中。

¥Most people put the .flowconfig in the root of their project (i.e. next to the package.json). Some people put all their code in a src/ directory and therefore put the .flowconfig at src/.flowconfig.



假设你有以下目录结构,其中 .flowconfig 位于 mydir 中:

¥Say you have the following directory structure, with your .flowconfig in mydir:

└── src
├── othercode.js
├── .flowconfig
├── build
│ ├── first.js
│ └── shim.js
├── lib
│ └── flow
├── node_modules
│ └── es6-shim
└── src
├── first.js
└── shim.js

以下是如何使用 .flowconfig 指令的示例。

¥Here is an example of how you could use the .flowconfig directives.




现在 flow 将在其检查中包含 .flowconfig 路径之外的目录,忽略 build 目录并使用 lib 中的声明。

¥Now flow will include a directory outside the .flowconfig path in its check, ignore the build directory and use the declarations in lib.